hyperbolic stretching review

Hyperbolic Stretching Review


Today’s Hyperbolic Stretching review aims to deliver every tiny piece of information you could ever need on this massively popular program, and ultimately, it’s going to help you determine whether or not it’s going to deliver what you’re looking for.

It’s designed for maximum functional flexibility and the enhancement of your gym and sports-based results. The program’s claims are fairly bold when it comes to the diverse benefits that it says it’s going to provide you with. But does it work? If it does work, then how well does it work? Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about the Hyperbolic Stretching program.

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What Is the Hyperbolic Stretching Program?

hyperbolic stretching - what is the hyperbolic stretching program?

If we were going to summarise it in a nutshell, this is an all-encompassing stretching-orientated routine designed to optimise maximum flexibility for better daily movement and functionality in a wide range of areas. Though we’ve performed several different stretching varieties for years now, extensive research has always yielded varying results when it comes to which type is truly best for people to utilise.

Through a combination of several different stretching varieties that are specifically optimised for either male or female users and taking place over an eight-minute duration every day, anyone making use of the Hyperbolic Stretching program can unlock maximum flexibility in the comfort of their own home.

It features a beginner and advanced section for logical, natural, and safe progression. These sections involve movements designed to optimise strength, flexibility, and functional movement. So all in all, you’re covered from every angle.

Everything you need is broken down extensively and presented as part of an overall package that contains every small piece of detailed information that you’re ever going to need to fully understand stretching and how it works.

The mass of information on offer as well as the practical movements that are thoroughly explained mean that even a journeyman or woman who goes to the gym regularly for casual exercise (or a desk jockey) can pick up and use this already widely recommended program.

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Story Behind the Program

The designer of the Hyperbolic Stretching program, Alex Larsson, determined that it would be to everyone’s benefit if we had a truly “one size fits all” program for people to follow that would allow them to maximise their freedom of movement in every area of the body.

Alex has helped over 15,000 people to date using the unique methods featured here, and despite being a professional flexibility and core development coach for over two years, it’s more the way in which he used the methods he recommends on himself initially that are a real eye-opener.

Alex went to the doctor due to having an apparent neuromuscular shutdown in the lower half of his body. This meant that he couldn’t make it function in the way that he wanted to, and as such, sought out answers and concrete solutions to his situation.

Sadly, no such solution would present itself. This is what lead to him developing and adopting the techniques used in this program as a means of reengaging his mind/body connection in this area of the body and finding his way to effective mobility once again.

Obviously, he managed to do this successfully (if you see him now, he’s capable of totally free movement and maximum mobility). This is when he started to apply these techniques to the routines of those he worked with professionally.

As such, a highly effective, new age stretching routine came to fruition in the form of Hyperbolic Stretching. As you’ll read when you go through the accounts of anyone who reviews Hyperbolic Stretching after buying it, it’s safe to say that this routine certainly does work.

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What Is Included in the Program?

hyperbolic stretching - what is included in the program?

At its core, the routine is presented as an incredibly dense, information-packed e-book that’s been put together well enough to engage even the most laid back of readers. This e-book is delivered digitally upon confirmation of purchase and can be accessed easily anytime, anywhere to allow you to get started from the moment you click the buy button.

What’s included as part of the core program is a structured, all-encompassing approach to information delivery relating to anything and everything to do with effective stretching, and specifically the hyperbolic principles applied by Alex himself.

This starts initially with a rundown and explanation of how to achieve enhanced pelvic strength and flexibility followed by a description of the real world results you can expect to achieve.

We then go into comprehensive information about the science of stretching before we then leap into the hyperbolic routine and everything that it entails. The content has been optimised for use by both female and male readers, meaning that everyone can reap the rewards on offer.

What’s perhaps most striking for anyone reading this e-book for the first time is simply how much is involved in effective stretching and why so many people aren’t getting it quite right.

Though the program aims to allow you to perform the splits without warming up, that’s the least of the benefits on offer here. The densely-packed program structure means that no matter how much you do or don’t currently know, you’re going to walk away with almost total enlightenment.

There are also some additional features as we’ll soon discuss that are thrown in to enhance the impact of the core routine. Not only that, but for the average gym goer or even general at home fitness enthusiasts, what’s included will supercharge your results in every area.

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How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

As part of this Hyperbolic Stretching review, we want to explain precisely how the program works so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into in advance. This is going to be the easiest way for you to determine whether or not it’s right for you.

Initially, there’s a great deal of focus on determining exactly what level of flexibility you’re currently at using something called the splits test. This test involves putting your pelvis through its paces and reveals how flexible this area of the body is.

The reason why this is important is because the muscles in this area and their range of motion indicate how much total flexibility you’re likely to have in your body. The pelvic area serves as a huge gateway for the body to achieve certain postural positions and movements effectively.

You’ll determine how flexible you are in this area while also finding out everything you could ever need to know about the muscles located there and how best to make them work to cater for your needs. You’ll also understand why they’re so important.

Once you’ve got your “base” level of flexibility determined, it’s all then about focusing on a few of the main areas involved in improving not only your splits depth, but the range of motion in every other area of the body, too.

This is done through the integration of an eight-minute daily routine that encompasses maximum strength and motion development that can be performed anywhere and by anyone (within reason of course, but it’s safe to say that pretty much 99.9% of the population can follow the program).

The Hyperbolic Stretching routine (or advanced section) is a followup from the initial and highly effective stretching development section where those who are ready can massively accelerate their results through some more high octane techniques.

These techniques are still easily manageable by anyone who has followed the program up to this point, however. What’s more is that at the end of the program you’re also fully educated about how you can maintain and continue to progress your results.

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Pros and Cons of the Hyperbolic Stretching Program

In this section, we’re going to itemise the individual positive and negative elements when you look at this program overall. We’ll give some detailed explanation about each area too so that you fully understand why it has been highlighted. Let’s start with the good parts!

Pro #1 – Anyone can follow it

One of the hallmarks of an effective program, and one that’s going to reach a high degree of popularity, is that it has been engineered for pretty much anybody to use, and this program is no different. Whether you’re always hitting the gym or you’re used to being deskbound all day long and you want to improve your flexibility, you’ll be able to pick it up and follow it.

Pro #2 – It’s great value

Pretty much every Hyperbolic Stretching review created by a user alludes to the sheer amount of content you’re getting for the money. For the cheap price, you not only get the core content, but a ton of additional bonus information, too. As far as programs go, it’d be hard to find another that gives you quite so much for the same price.

Pro #3 – You can do it anywhere

Youdon’t need equipment to follow this program, just some open space and eight minutes of your time per day once you’ve read through all of the content. This makes it a very accessible and highly economic option for anyone that doesn’t want to make use of a gym or personal trainer.

Along with the included bonus content, anybody anywhere can improve their health, appearance, and flexibility from the comfort of their own home or even private office.

Pro # 4 – It’s tested and credible

Oftentimes, a professional coach will already be in a reasonably good physical state before adopting their newfound techniques. Alex, however, had incredibly inhibited mobility. This is as bad of a starting point as anyone could reasonably ask for.

And now, the very minor bad parts:

Con #1 – There’s no physical copy

For those afraid of technology, this isn’t going to be the most user-friendly program as it only comes in digital form. This is going to be fine for many people, but some still prefer a physical manual and DVD to follow. If that person is you, then you might struggle with the format here.

Con #2 – It’s easygoing

Looking for an intense workout? Then you need to use the bonus content. The core content alone won’t be enough to test you as it has been designed to be supportive as opposed to being a hard-hitting, all-encompassing workout.

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Bonuses and Guarantee

hyperbolic stretching - bonuses and guarantee

Included as part of the core program is a wealth of bonus content that works hand in hand with the information and stretching routine on offer to provide you with wholesome home-based training system for maximum results.The additional content included is:

Mind Power Unleashed Handbook

This handbook is designed to help you develop your mind body connection and fully link your brain with your muscles to accommodate maximum benefit when stretching. This key area is one of the most important aspects of not only effective stretching, but effective exercise too.

8 Minute HIIT Training Program for Men and Women

This easy to follow eight-minute home=based exercise routine will give your metabolism a massive spike, and when combined with the core program, will help to develop a more athletic and mobile frame with all of the toned muscle to match.

Full Body Dynamic and Static Stretching Routine

Included as part of the package is a static and dynamic stretching routine so that you can focus on your flexibility using a series of widely accessible stretches that will be easy to follow for those who are working their way up to Hyperbolic Stretching but still want to reap maximum benefits.

By following all of the above, you can blitz body fat while maximising muscle tone, flexibility, and strength development accessibly and practically.

Money Back Guarantee

The included 60-day money back guarantee is also as good as they come, and even has an inbuilt $3 “founder investment” system where you will receive $3 just for purchasing the program. This is how confident Alex is in your satisfaction.

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While it isn’t going to be the hair-raising workout routine that the hardcore might be looking for, this is definitely one of the best wholesome stretching programs available for anyone to follow.

Whether you’re a beginner at the gym, an intermediate home exerciser, or someone who struggles with mobility due to bad posture or several other potential physical issues, you’ll get some massive return from following this routine to the letter.

For those who want a more lowkey home-based training option, it’d also be hard to find a program that was more well-rounded than this one. The included bonus content takes an already solid foundation and transforms it into an all-encompassing general population-focused routine. Thousands of others are already making progress using Hyperbolic Stretching. Now it’s your turn.

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