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The Cinderella Solution Review


When it comes to body weight, a lot of people have struggled for so long and could not find anything to make them shed a little bit of weight. This problem of inability to shed weight, according to experts, is because many people find it had to change their feeding patterns and develop healthier lifestyle habits.

From another perspective, your manner of approach towards such a problem, to a great extent, determines what the result would be. One of the best approaches in the market today is the Cinderella Solution – a simple four-week weight loss program available in a digital format.

This is not a drug or supplement that promises overnight results that never come, it is a PDF containing valuable information that can help women cut down on excess fat in as little as twenty-eight days.

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What Is the Cinderella Solution Program?

the cinderella solution - what is the cinderella solution program?

The goal of the program is to educate women on the best way they can develop a healthy lifestyle turned habit that can help them shed weight and continue to live the rest of their lives in light of the habits they developed over the course of the program. So, even though the program is meant to last for just twenty-eight days, it should not have to stop at that point if you want the effects to be a lifelong change.

There are two parts to this program, they include “ignite” and “launch.” Each of these parts takes two weeks to complete, making it a total of twenty-eight days.

One interesting thing that seems to make this program stand out from the rest is that it is very simple to follow. It does not require that you completely overhaul your current diet plan, especially if you are not willing to. All you are expected to do is start eating the right food combinations that can maximize weight loss and increase the rate of combustion in the body.

Another interesting feature of this program is the low-intensity workout routine. They are mostly focused on the abdominal muscles, hips, and butt. Suffice it to say that you do not need to put in much effort to make the Cinderella Solution work for you.

This quick-start guide is a recommendable point to start from regardless of your background knowledge and experience in nutrition.

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Story Behind the Program

Carly Donovan is credited with the invention of this program. Having been there herself, she understands what it feels like to want to lose weight to no avail, even after trying the “not so healthy” options. Out of the desire to get into shape, Carly got involved with fitness, started recording minimal progress, and became a fitness instructor in her local gym.

But somehow, she was not satisfied with the results she got from doing that much. She still suffered some weight issues and she knows in her heart that her body was not toned enough despite working out much as an instructor. She decided to take the case up to find out why she has not gotten the result expected of her despite putting in so much effort.

Her first point of call was the doctor’s, and it was there she discovered to her surprise, that she has developed diabetes. With this newfound information, she took the matter into her hands and devoted her time to research to find out what would truly help you get into shape.

After a while, she discovered a goldmine of information that helped her shed weight in a way that seemed too good to be true. After a series of trials, it was established that it certainly worked. That was when it was put together as the Cinderella Solution weight loss program.

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What Is Included in the Program?

the cinderella solution - what Is included in the program?

When you order this program, you receive a central manual that discloses all of the necessary information you need to achieve great results. The manual comes in four different parts.

Part one: Introduction to the program

This is an explanation of what the program is all about. It begins with an introduction of the process, then on to the next chapter where you will learn how to pair foods the right time to eat them to get the best results. The next chapter contains details on workout routines called slim-sequencing workouts. And finally, there is information about Ignite and Launch.

Part two: Daily meal chart

In the second part, you will start with a fourteen-day meal prep plan. This is a calendar of carefully selected meals that load your body with minimal calories while greatly nourishing you. You will enjoy some advanced recipes that you never knew about before.

This second part also throws more light on the Cinderella Solution flavor pairing and macro nutrition. You learn about different food groups and what food items pair well with the different groups. With this at hand, you can plan a delicious meal without compromising your weight loss efforts.

Part three: Meals and flavor pairing

This part is more about details of what has already been introduced with the goal of maximizing information to further enhance the result expected at the end. The focus, as always, is to create a healthy menu that is rich in nutrition and low in calories. It also takes into consideration the need to feel full on foods that are more of fiber than calories.

This part also talks about portion control–blocks and options–which is a way of controlling how much you eat at every meal and how many meals you are expected to consume in one day.

Part four: Top examples of flavors and food combinations

In the last part, you will see some examples of great food combinations with regard to the standards of the program. You can go with any of the examples, or you can develop your own meal and combine your own flavors from scratch as long as you are not out of line.

Aside from the manual, you receive a quick start guide which is more like an abridged version of the main manual. This is great for people who want to jump right into the program without taking the time to go through every detail of the manual first.

There is also the movement sequencing guide. This gives you instructions on how to perform targeted workouts correctly. You also get some exercise videos, a recipe playbook, and a Cinderella accelerator package, which is supplementary material for women who wish to put in extra effort.

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How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

the cinderella solution - how does the cinderella solution work?

Earlier on, we mentioned how this program runs in two phases – Ignite and Launch. Understanding both of them gives you a better insight into how the Cinderella Solution reviews work.

  • Ignite phase

This is the first fourteen days of the program are when you are expected to study and get familiar with the concept while you start off easy on a collection of custom recipes developed with the food pairing technique. As directed by the menu, you are expected to eat three times per day in this phase for two weeks.

  • Launch phase

In the second half of the journey, you are expected to carry on in the same manner as in the first, but with little adjustments that are quite interesting (if we say so ourselves). For instance, you no longer have to eat three times a day. You would now increase it to four smaller meals per day.

The next adjustment you need to make is starting out the recommended workout routine. This is specifically designed to help tone your body and prevent any fat formation.

By the time you are through with the program for the first time, you would realize some encouraging changes. If you are not satisfied with your results so far, you can start all over again and keep repeating it until you are satisfied with the results.

About the food, the package comes with a meal already planned for you. Nothing exotic, just regular but special meals that can be prepared easily. The shopping list will be there for you as well.

What if your diet is not as typical? What if you are a vegetarian or something like that? Well, you do not have to worry about that. The package was developed taking all of that into consideration. There are a variety of foods on the menu for you to enjoy. So, you would not be eating just a few boring meals repeatedly.

Finally, the workout routines are quite simple as well. They complement the menu by preventing the slightest fat formation in areas that are most prone to it such as your hips, thighs, and belly. Just twenty minutes per day in the gym (or anywhere you like) is all you need to make your workout count. You can put in more effort and time if you wish, the more the better.

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Pros and Cons of the Cinderella Solution Program

There are two sides to everything, and the Cinderella Solution weight loss reviews program is not excluded. You need to understand the ups and downs of this program before investing in it.


  • It is one of the most affordable weight-loss programs on the internet at $37. It would not bore a hole in your pocket.
  • If you are not sufficiently satisfied after running this program, you can get your money back in full after sixty days. Within this time, you have to chance to run it at least twice. Regardless, you can get your money back if you do not get great results.
  • Works for women of all ages, even very mature women. It is also suitable for younger women and teenagers who may be struggling with weight loss.
  • This program is not time-consuming, so it works well for women who do not have enough time on their hands.
  • It was explained in the most comprehensive manner possible to make it quite easy to follow.
  • Approved by health authorities as a verified and healthy lifestyle suitable for weight loss.
  • The program is based on a Japanese program in line with healthy eating
  • It is as basic as it gets – no pills, fancy diets, protein shakes, extreme workout routines, and so on.
  • There is no need to count calories as long as you stick to the right rationing in line with the instructions.
  • It was developed out of experience by a woman who has struggled to lose weight.
  • Great reviews by other women talking about how effective it is.


  • It takes some time to work, and you would have to put in some work as well. You may need to run more than one cycle to see results.
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If you have been wondering why a lot of Asian people, especially women, have a great body shape, it is because they eat in line with a government program to promote good health and reduce the influx of Western foods to improve their health, which is what the Cinderella Solution aims at.

They eat a lot of seafood and vegetables, eat in smaller portions, and walk or ride their bicycles more than we do. This Japanese eating habit and lifestyle formed the theory of this weight loss program.

Finally, make it a point of duty to talk to your doctor from time to time, even before you decide to run the program. This is very important because there may be some underlying factors in your health that may be triggered if you change your lifestyle.

This is quite unlikely seeing as this is one of the healthiest lifestyle changes there is, but make sure your doctor has the same thing to say about the program before you start.

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