ab workout beginner

Ab Workout Beginner


It is quite common to see most corporates spend the entire day glued to their chairs in front of the office desk. Do you know how harmful it is for your overall health? An exercise routine including ab workout beginner could help you avoid gaining weight by days. Similarly, there are some of us who are just beginning with our athletic journey. In that case, knowing some simple beginners ab exercise sessions could be beneficial.

If you are someone who simply wishes to have killer six pack, then begin with working on your core abdominals with some easy ab workouts for beginners. No matter the reason, the useful workouts mentioned in this article is sure to help you with the purpose.

Check Out the Best Ab Workouts for Beginners

You may think that the secret to jaw-dropping tummy muscles is hard hours at the gym. But, you will be amazed to learn that you can achieve that right at home. Begin with the below-mentioned killer beginner ab workout and combine it with a healthy diet to start working towards your viscera region of the dream.


Of course, this is the most common exercise you may have heard of when it comes to abs. And yes! It works like anything when it comes to working those stomach muscle. This particular exercise is responsible for the creation of a maximum amount of tension. This is a physical activity which is as good as lifting weights, jumping or sprinting.

This session of beginners ab workouts involves lying on the floor, face down, with your forearms and toes supporting your body. During this core exercise, make sure to squeeze your guts tightly to make this workout worthwhile. All the while you are at it, take deep breaths. For best results, make sure to hold yourself in that position for one minute.

Side Plank

This is just another variation of the above exercise. These are extremely powerful on your stomachal muscle. For this, lie down on the ground. Roll to your right side entirely so as to support your body weight completely on your right arm and right hip.

Now, keeping your left arms firmly rested on your left side, lift yourself above the ground. All the while, support your body weight on your right arm and your right side foot. Now, lift your left arm to shoulder length.


This is an interesting ab workouts for beginners. In this session, you have to lie flat on the ground. As you lie down there, lift your leg in such a way that it forms 90 degrees at the knees. But, all the while, make sure that your feet are flat on the ground. Next, you have to slowly lift your hips along with your back above the ground.

But make sure that you are attached to the ground by your shoulders. At this position, it will look as if you are in a straight line from your knee to shoulder. For optimum results, be in this straight position above the ground for over five seconds.

Mountain climbers

Make this a beginners abs workout routine to get your lower abs, hip region, legs, lats, shoulders, working hard and tone it well. Lie down making sure that your face is facing the ground. Get yourself into a push-up position. Make sure that your backside is aligned straight.

Then, start imitating climbing action. That is, bring your left knee up to your chest and then the right one. Keep repeating this action and with time, make it faster and faster as if you are climbing. Make sure that you start slowly.


This is a killer ab workout routines for beginners that you must not forget to use. This works amazingly on your stomach and thighs. For this exercise, you have to lie back on your backside. Make a 90 degree in your knees, such that both the ankles are parallel to the floor that you are lying on.

Now, making sure that your arms are spread out on either side, bring your knees as close as possible to your left-hand-side ground. Then take it centre and continue to your right side. Continue with this for 10 to 12 times to feel the burn in your abdomen.

Strong Ab Workout for Women – Russian Twist

There is nothing as good as a beginner ab workout routine for women who want to have abs. And Russian twist is the ultimate exercise you have to try. For this exercise, sit down on a yoga mat. Make a V shape between your stomach and your thighs. Now, the next step involves you twisting your torso from one side to the other side. Continue doing it about 12 times for amazing results.


Never say die! If you are planning to get yourself toned up, start right away no matter how hard it looks. Use the above-mentioned beginner ab workouts to start your journey. Slowly increase the tempo of your workout to finally get the results you have dreamt of and make everybody swoon over it!