ab workout for men

Ab Workout for Men


We all like to ensure that stay fit and fine. Some of us also want to show it off as well. The abs are the best part of the body. Again, this is where the excess flab also gets stored. It makes a great variance in the personality of any person if they have great abs. It is best that we have a workout routine targeted at all parts of the body. There should be special sessions for the abs. There are specific sessions for the upper as well as the lower part of the abs. In this article, we talk about some of the ab workout for men.

Overview of Ab Workout for Men

Let us talk about some of the routines for the abs. In the first routine, you will need to raise the knee while hanging from a pull up bar. It involves hanging by our hands from the equipment with the legs together. In the next instance, we have to bend the knees as well as the hips and lift towards the chest. Then go back to the first position. The next of the ab workouts for men at home involves a stability ball. We need to rest our hands on the ground, and the toes will be on the stability ball, but the body will not touch the floor. Next perform decline push-ups.

Another of the routines is all about planking. Start by being in the position of push up with the hands clutched in front of us. We have to roll on the right side and rest on the elbow and lift the left hand straight. The body will not touch the floor. The best ab workout for men will involve an ab roller or even a barbell will be enough. The person has to kneel holding the equipment on the ground in front of us. Then roll the equipment forward as far as it could go without touching the ground. Then go back to the first position. We have to push our limits for these routines.

Some More Workout Routines

Let us now move forward with our discussion about the good ab workouts for men. It is a composite routine covering various types of exercises. Start with the sit ups and then move to the leg raise by lying on a flat bench. The next routine involves us lying on the floor with face and hands clutched above the head. Then raise the arms and legs together without folding them. The upper part of the body should also be lifted.

The next among the best abs workout for men is the leg pull in all the while lying on the bench with face upwards. We have to move to the toe crunchers and abs crunches. And will finish with the reverse crunches. No wonder it is so popular amongst us.

It is a short overview of how we can take care of the lower abs. Raising legs in a perpendicular while lying on the ground face upwards helps. Also, scissors exercise helps. Then is the dead bug which is also a well known lower abs workout for men.


We should always take care of the abs when are in the process of having a great physique. Anyways, having that six pack abs will improve our personality also. We had been talking about some of the ab workouts for men without equipment. We sincerely hope our readers have been able to answer all their queries.