abdominal workouts with weights

Abdominal Workouts with Weights

Abs Workouts

After mastering the tricks of abdominal workouts with weights, many good things will happen to your tummy. The point is that, some fitness experts often forget to stress the essence of combining weights to complement ab workouts. No one can dispute that abs can be toned without weight lifting; the big question is how long will it take to get good results? Well, without weight involvement, it may take trainers a relatively longer time. If there is shorter route to doing away with a bulged belly, why not go for it?

May be what usually puts fear in people here is the word “weights”. But the bottom line is that “weights” here is far from extreme heaviness. The weights in question are very manageable and can be lifted by virtually all trainers, including women. To get your abs to showcase those bumpy cut out features, you definitely have to welcome the idea of weight inclusion.

By incorporating light-weighted loads to ab workouts, it’s a bold step to gaining extra benefits. You get a stronger core, burnt calories, flat tummy and all the cool stuff. You don’t even have to be bodybuilder in order to try these abdominal workouts with weights.

Things to Note Before Training

Renowned trainers say that there are few things to keep in mind when you want to give a shot at weights and ab training:

  • In handling weights, get it right by controlling every movement, or else you flop the routine.
  • Stabilize the core.
  • Stretch the abs in different orientations; not just one way. Your abs doesn’t work in 1 way; they work all round.

Yeah! You can now move forward to spice up your training by adding just a little bit of weights to make a huge difference.

Best Abs Workout with Weights

There is more than a tall list of abdominal workouts with weights, but we are going to focus on moves that work best for both sexes.

Roll Back & Up

For this routine, it’s a ladies favorite. You need what we call a medicine ball.

  • Sit and extend the legs forward
  • Pick up the ball with two hands
  • Your back must be straight
  • Strengthen core and slowly begin to lie back
  • Once your back hits the floor, and ball is above you, move up to original sitting posture
  • Now, you just completed 1 rep
  • You could do 10 more reps to and move on to next abdominal workouts with weights

Woodchop from Low to High

NB: Relax! Actually, we aren’t going to chop wood. This activity is going to fire up the upper abs and raise up your pulse a bit. You only need a lightweight dumbbell (5-10 pounds).

  • Hold the dumbbell and squat while twisting leftwards
  • Once the weight is down on the left legs outside, lift it up in diagonal motion upwards across the body rightwards, up to above your head
  • Lower the weight in a controlled manner till you arrive at the starting position at the left
  • You could do 15 reps for each side and you are done

Overhead Reach

These abdominal workouts with weights will be done with 1 leg lower. It targets both lower and upper abs development. It requires stability

  • Lie backwards
  • Grab a dumbbell with both hands and raise it up to the ceiling
  •  Lift up the left foot  while the right foot’s sole lie on the floor
  • Breathe out and lower the weight and the foot to the floor. But your back must still be on the floor
  • Breath in, repeat steps and alternate the legs being raised, 10 times each

Front Planck with Weight Transfer

  • Get down in push-ups (or plank) position, but with your elbows flexed as support for body weight. A lightweight dumbbell must lie close to the right elbows
  • Use the right arm to pick weight, while the flexed left elbow supports your weight
  • Transfer the weight to left hand. Then take weight to other side and continue the cycle
  • As you transfer the weights, tighten the abs to prevent the body from rotating
  • Now, it’s finished