upper back workouts

Upper Back Workouts

Back Workouts

Their spirits are willing but their backs are weak! This is the point – countless people just wish for stronger backs, but they are struck by cluelessness. Upper back workouts are the keys that can unlock heavy posterior muscles.

The holy grail of masculinity or feminity is body fitness. Thus, the hunt for V-shaped and gigantic bodies begins with upper back workouts. Obviously, we can conjecture that you want to live a good life.

When the upper back isn’t solidly built, all your good postures will come crashing down. Walking, sitting, standing, running and even sleeping postures all depend on the strength of your upper back pain workout.

Because our eyes can’t see behind, most people don’t realize the great disservice they do to themselves, by failing to jump on this routine. Don’t allow things to fail you before you run helter-skelter in search of a stronger back.

It’s now or never! Well-developed posterior muscles put you up in a mobile position to perform other gym actions.

Best Upper Back Workouts

Ready to hear the secrets of heavy upper bodies? You have got nothing to worry about. We are here 24/7 and 365 to give you every bit of essential information that would assist you to build a body that will get people jealous of you.  The upper back workout discussed below can be done with much ease.

Arm Balance Row

This builds the upper back, core, in addition to shoulders.

  • Hold dumbbells and go down in the high plank posture. Don’t forget to straighten your whole body.
  • Lift the right hand and place it against the ribs. Go further to direct the right hand upwards as you stay balanced.
  • Reverse to the initial high plank posture and repeats same steps for other hand.
  • Keep alternating. But at the end, ensure equal reps on both sides.

Wide Grip Pull Up

For these workouts for upper back, you just need a well-positioned hanging bar to grab onto.

  • Stand under the overhead bar
  • Grab onto the bar with your palms and widen the space between them.
  • Pull yourself up until your head goes up above the bar.
  • Allow gravity to pull you back to the hanging position.
  • Go up again, till you hit 10-12 reps.

Seated Cable Row

It uses the row to stretch the upper lats.

  • Sit down on the row seat
  • Hold onto the handles at both ends, with palms wide apart.
  • Pull the row back and forth up to 10 reps. Your butt should remain firmly seated.

Bent Over Row

This involves pulling resistance bands. For beginners, it’s advised that you start with less resistant bands before increasing the difficulty.

  • Set up a resistance band on the floor
  • Stand at the mid-section of the band
  • Slightly bend the knees and straighten the back.
  • Place palms inside the grips at each end of the band.
  • Now strengthen the back and pull up the bands simultaneously to reach chest.
  • Take a pause, before going down with the resistance band.


Good upper back workouts are mostly centered on rows, pull ups and the like. Numerous muscles exist around the back. But you don’t necessarily need to work out each of them. In building a thick V-shaped body, focus on workouts that target upper back muscles such as the lats, teres major, traps, posterior deltoid etc.

The above recommended exercises hold the keys to the your back needs. Open them and you shall find everything. Hopefully, half of the back-building job has already been done by this article. When you show strong sense of dedication to the routines, then results will come your way at breakneck speeds.