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Flat Tummy Workout

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Being fit and healthy is in! We get influenced by our friends and family. We also wish to get that flat tummy and add muscles to our figure. We know that we have to go through a rigorous flat tummy workout regimen. We are even ready to do it. Some of us even go further. We need the six-pack abs and want to flaunt it. There are also reasons why you need a flat tummy. It is a great reason for lifestyle diseases like diabetes and conditions of the heart. The tummy produces toxins.

The internet also goes a long way in influencing the workout regimen that we wish to follow. We start going to the gym and request the trainer to have a fitness regimen tailored only for us. However, little do we know that many muscles cover the trunk. It includes muscles in the shoulders and neck as well as the spine and hips. Even omitting one part of the body may slow the ultimate goal of achieving the flat tummy and six-pack. In this article, we will know about some flat tummy workout plan that is required by you.

Now Let Us Get to Know Workouts

The commando plank. We will need to start this on a high plank along with having the core engaged and the feet apart. The person is required to keep the left forearm on the floor and then with other forearm. Back is flat, and you need to push the arm to be in the plank position. We have to do it for a minute.

The Russian twist. One of the flat tummy workouts with a difference. Person lies down on the floor on the floor with knees bent at an angle and feet off the ground. The person initially has weight on the chest and then raises the upper part of the body. Then we have to move torso to the right along with the weight and then to the left. This is done for some twenty times with a five kilos weight.

The flutter kicks. We lie down on our back, and the palms are on the floor facing downwards which are under the glutes. We have to lift both legs a little above the floor. We will then gradually lift the right leg above the floor and then the next. We have to do this for twenty seconds and do this thrice.

Some More Unique Flat Tummy Workout

We will now peek into more workouts for a flat tummy. These routines will help you to burn fat in the tummy very fast.

Doing sit-ups. We will need to lie on the floor with face up. Knees should be bent and with the feet touching the ground. Hands will be crossed on the chest, and we have to exhale as we move up and inhaling when we go back.

What are the crunches? We will have to lie down on the floor with hands behind head. Next, we will have to bend knees and put feet on the ground. Then we move up while exhaling and then we inhale when we go back. It is known to be among the best flat tummy workout schedules.


We all like to transform ourselves to a fit and healthy person. We all like to have six-packs and look smart. How many are able to bear the strain of flat tummy fast workout? We better bear it that be unfit and bogged down by diseases.