south beach diet recipes

South Beach Diet Recipes


A new year is about to roll in. How prepared are you? Well, it’s not difficult to introduce a change to a diet change in readiness for the new year. Remember the saying, “to grow is to change and to be perfect is to have undergone a number of changes”. This simple change can be started by opting for south beach diet recipes.

New diets come with new flavors and new benefits. Eating in a monotonous style for a full year, doesn’t like a great idea. Just to clear the air those who are seeing the term for the first time, the diet hasn’t got much to do with southern beaches. But it has a lot to do with food, especially the carb-free ones. In less than a minute away, we shall break down the meaning and details of this new diet in town.

What is South Beach Diet?

There are hundreds and thousands of diets, but the south Beach diets recipes have special things that distinguish them from the rest. In layman concepts, the diet is very selective when it comes to proteins, carbohydrates and sugars.

It is designed to contain low amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, but with higher quantities of lean proteins and fresh food. Going by this, you can prepare this by filling your bowl with low carbs, low sugars and doing away with sugary food such bread, sweets, etc.

One characteristic feature is that the diet is structured in three-phases (namely phases 1, 2 and 3). The duration of the first phase is 2 weeks. This article will focus more on South Beach diet recipe phase 1. When you finish that one and meet your goals, the rest can then be continued.

Phase 1 restricts dieters to eating more lean protein, veggies, salad, dairy of little fat, healthy fats (nut, olive oil). What’s prohibited here? They are: fruits, starchy foods (e.g. rice, bread), alcoholic drinks, sugary food etc.

The essence of the diet is this: it allows you to gradually shed weight, while cleansing your body and giving you strength. That’s numerous pluses in a single diet. Who won’t love this? Since the diet bars you from excessive sugar consumption, it reduces your risk of diabetes.

South Beach Diet Phase 1

The duration is 2 weeks (14 days). This phase tries to lower fruits, grains and carb-rich foods. Its aim is to cut down sugar. Simultaneously, it controls hunger.

After completing south beach diet recipes phase 1, you can lose weight between 8-13 lbs. That is a significant weight drop of 3.5-6 kilograms.

Your daily eating times should be 5. This should comprise 3 meals & 2 snacks. In addition to meals, a typical day could contain 5 servings of fresh starchless veggies, 64 oz of water. For snacks, you could get some shakes and chocolate nut bars.

Let’s now look at example of how you should schedule the south beach meals.

  • Breakfast: tropical coconuts & almond bars
  • Snacks: shake, a serving of starchless veggies
  • Lunch: starchless veggies (only 2 servings), chicken roma
  • Snacks: chocolate nut bars
  • Supper: taqueria-styled beef & cheese skillets, starchless veggies (2 servings)


If you want to even experiment further and reap more benefits, you try vegetarian south beach diet recipes. Apart from the weight drop advantages, the health benefits springing from the diet is something you can’t afford to miss. To sum up, you can make a difference to your menu by practicing the above diets.