abc diets

Abc Diets


There is a subtle  way of shedding off extra pounds of body fats without going to a gymnasium. Ask us how? It’s about the ABC diets, which allow you to slim down without lifting dumbbells or mounting treadmills. The ramifications of being overweight are well understood by today’s generation.

Resorting to gym workouts is the common way of losing weight. But the issue is that it’s not everybody who can afford to pay for gym. Consequently, fitness and health experts have engineered ways to outsmart extreme fatness. The ABC diet involves an alternating pattern of staying away from taking huge calories.  In essence, it’s more like partially starving yourself.

NB: Before you rush into diet, be warned that this is a very dangerous way to lose weight as it involves intentionally denying your body of enough food.

To inexperienced or unhealthy people, it’s advised that you take time to re-evaluate your body’s ability to undertake this high risk activity. If you can’t withstand hunger for a reasonable time interval, this diet can trouble you.

What are the ABC Diets?

It’s interesting to learn that the first three letters of the English alphabets have a diet. As far as this diet is concerned, the letters ABC respectively stand for Ana Boot Camp. The long history of this diet isn’t much needed here. What’s worth knowing is that the diet involves intelligently tampering with your body’s “metabolism”. Assuredly, that’s not a big word – it talks about the chemical reactions that take place within body cells.

Metabolism takes care of calories consumed. Think of it as being “a chemical processor” that handles bodily reactions. If you over-consume calories,  the excess ones are converted into fat, thereby giving you unnecessary weight. However, if you periodically starve yourself, metabolic rate can be boosted significantly. 

Now listen carefully! If you want ABC Diet result, we are going to make good use of our little knowledge of metabolism to play around with our caloric intake. Assuming you don’t want to use the gym to burn off your calories, then get ready to regulate what goes into your mouth. That’s what the diet is all about.

The good news is that when you are able to keep your metabolism rate high, then you have got weight loss at your fingertips. Thanks to this special diet, you can increase your metabolic rate with it, burning fat and triggering quicker drop in pounds. In following this diet plan, you don’t usually want your body to activate its starvation mode; but that’s what your body will attempt to do when it detects that you are continually feeding it with lesser calories.

The diet plan will fail woefully if you over-deprive yourself of food. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when deceiving your body to speed up its metabolism. Once again, this article will teach you how to safely go through the ABC diet plan.

Steps of the ABC Diets Plan

The maximum number of days to follow this diet is 50 days (that’s about 1.5 months). That’s bit lengthy but you when you successfully complete the diet mission, you would have good ABC diet results to testify. You can devide the periods for this diet into 5.

Period 1

500 calories during the first and second day. Follow that with 300 calories and 400 calories daily, respectively for two days. Then begin to reduce calories by consuming 100 calories and 200 calories daily for the following two days. After this, you would have to increase the consumption by 100 calories each day, for the next 3 days. Do this till you hit 500 calories. On tenth day, fast. You have ended Period 1.

Period 2

Start the day with low consumption ,150 calories.  Begin alternating calorie levels. Day-2, 200 calories; Day-3, 400 calories; Day-4, 350 calories; Day-5, 250 calories; Day-6, 200 calories. On Day-7, you would have to fast. After the fasting, Day-8, 200 calories; Day-9, 100 calories. On Day-10 (the last day of Period 2), do fasting. This is hard but in the end, the ABC diet before and after will shock you.

Period 3

3rd Period involves slowly increasing and slowly decreasing your calorie consumption. Start with 300 calories on Day-1 and reduce it by 50 calories each day until the day you reach 50 calories. Then increase intake  to 100 calories, 200 calories (for 2 days), and then 300 calories. On Day-9 , take in as much as 800 calories and fast on Day-10.

Period 4

Relatively, Period 4 is shorter than the rest – it lasts 4 days. On Day-1, take 250 calories. On the 2nd and 3rd days, increase intake by 100 calories.Fast on Day-4 and and move on to the last step of the ABC diet meal plans

Period 5

5th period is very long – in fact, it’s the longest. Start with 500 calories on Day-1 and reduce it by 50 calories daily, for the next 6 successive days. By Day-7, you would have reached 200 calories. Maintain this consumption (200) for Day-8. On Day-9, increase intake to 250 calories. On Day-10, revert to 200 calories. You would then  have to take 300 calories and 150 calories before fasting on the last day. Congratulations, you have now completed the Diet.


When you are done following these ABC diet tips, stop and go back to your normal eating capacity. By this time, your weight loss story will begin to tell its own tales. The effectiveness of this diet varies among people. While the diet has really helped many people to lose weight, others tried the plan and only witnessed brief moments of weight loss before regaining  their previous heavy weights.

Also, remember that due to the health risks posed by this diet plan, many expert dieticians don’t recommend it. Some of the health risks relating to the ABC diet meal plan include malnutrition, inadequate blood sugar, fatigue, Depression etc. One satirical interpretation of the ABC Diet is that, it involves eating food whose names start with A (e.g apples and antelopes), B (e.g beans, baguette), and then C (e.g carrots, chard).