shoulder workout routine

Shoulder Workout Routine

Shoulders Workouts

No physical feature could ever define a man other than his shoulders. Interestingly, this calls for shoulder workout routine. Many people just sit down, admire and do wishful thinking about V-shaped bodies. But little do they know that, the secrets of admirable masculine bodies begin with action.

There are lots of good medical reasons that support shoulder training. An Orthopedic Department of a hospital found that, when patients with joint dislocations do shoulder training, it reduced pain and subsequent number of dislocations they suffer.

It’s normal to feel stuck about what exercise to pick. The routines are too numerous out there, in millions. But fortunately for you, you don’t have to struggle with indecisions. This article takes you on a tour of shoulders workout routine. But since we all differ in body types, the list shall focus on general routines that are known to give massive shoulders.

Heavy shoulders are followed by slimmer waist. This is one underlying principle that culminates in v-shape. Get stronger shoulders first, and everything else shall be added onto you.

Things to Note About Shoulder Workout Routine

Like many other activities, shoulders workout routine for mass comes with high risks of injuries. One thing is certain – you are most likely to lift things and manoeuvre.

By making the least mistake, you could suffer dislocations and spoil your goals. You must therefore be cautious by observing the following precautions.

  • Spend some time to mobilize the joints. This is more or less a warm-up activity. Before you rush to grab a weight, use 5-10 minutes to mobilize the joints. This way, you are activating the muscles, to allow them increase their degree of movement.
  • Begin with smaller weights and do more sets, simulating the routine you are about to perform.
  • When you realize that a weight outweighs you, simply put it down before you wound or kill yourself.

Shoulder Workouts

Go ahead to try best shoulder workout routine below.

Overhead Press

It builds shoulders while strengthening the core.

  • Stand upright with a barbell lying across your shoulders’ front section.
  • Tighten the core muscles and lift up the barbell straight up above the head.
  • Then bring it down to initial position, resting 10 seconds between 12 reps, 3 sets.

See Saw Press

In case you don’t have barbells, you could do this good shoulder workout routine at home, by using dumbbells.

  • Holding 2 dumbbells behind the shoulders, let the palms to face forward.
  • Watch up (the sky or ceiling), while tilting the body leftwards.
  • Extend the right arm up above you.
  • Lower the dumbbell to initial position and repeat same for the left side, 3 sets of 10 reps is ok.
  • This movement should be in a way similar to the see-saw that kids play with.

Lying  Rear Delt Fly

  • Hop onto a bench, lying facedown, with 2 dumbbells on either hands.
  • Start slowly bending the elbows and raising the weights up to match your body’s alignment, then let them to fall back to ground.
  • Do 3 reps of 15 reps

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

  • Hold 2 dumbbells and get seated on a bench.
  • Position through dumbbells at shoulder level with overhand grips.
  • Begin pressing the weights upwards, till the arms are fully stretched out.
  • Bring down the dumbbells. The target here is 3 sets, 6 reps. You could take a minute rest in between sets.


Shoulder workout routines are the sure way to go. Massive muscles and v-shapes will come chasing you pants down, provided you try the above routines. You could achieve this dream by doing more reps and sets, using manageable weights.